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The mission of the Marsaci Cooperative U.A. is to create, grow and support innovative companies through participation, strategic/tactical support and active involvement by the board and members of the cooperative.

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The following companies are part of the portfolio of Marsaci Cooperative U.A: Kentivo,  Elami, Media Digitaal. Elami is the youngest addition, but our members are continuously looking for new opportunities and changes. Although technology innovation is important, a cultural fit to our ideas on entrepreneurship, business and company culture are just as important. We strongly believe in diversity as a driver for innovation and we expect this to be reflected by the companies we consider part of Marsaci.


Kentivo is a young and innovative European company focused on providing cutting edge solutions in the domain of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and SAP

MD info

Niche business news creator and distributor. The information is used to prepare sales or consultancy sessions, to discover new market opportunities or to follow developments in various fields.

Board Members

The board consists of Ellis Zijlstra, Mike van Pamelen and Amanda Ng as the driving forces. With there entrepreneurial drive, they everyday work passionately with the team, clients and business’​ in their network to make sure ideas materialize successfully.

Amanda Ng

Board member

Mike van Pamelen

Board member

Ellis Zijlstra

Board member


Through the companies we now have a presence in The Netherlands, Germany and North Macedonia. With all the people involve we cover over 10 different nationalities and cultures, speak over 15 languages and are very proud to have 60% of Women in tech, both as consultants but also as management and as entrepreneurs driving the dreams we pursue.

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